Veterinary In-House Diagnostics

Forney, Texas

At Treasured Pets Veterinary Hospital, we strive to provide our furry patients with the best care possible. We are pleased to offer in-house diagnostic tests to monitor your pet's health or uncover the underlying causes of illness or distress. Diagnosing your pet's concerns helps us provide prompt, targeted treatments to ensure the best possible outcomes.

What Are Veterinary In-House Diagnostics?

Veterinary in-house diagnostics refers to a suite of tests that we perform right at our Forney office, providing rapid results and enabling swift decision-making regarding your pet's health. These tests help identify underlying health issues, monitor ongoing conditions, and ensure your pet receives prompt and precise care.

The following are some of the diagnostic tests we offer at Treasured Pets Veterinary Hospital:

Blood Work: Among the most common in-house diagnostic tests performed are complete blood counts (CBC) and blood chemistry panels. A CBC assesses the quantity and quality of your pet's blood cells, providing valuable insights into their overall health. Blood chemistry panels delve deeper, evaluating organ function and detecting abnormalities that may not be evident through a physical examination alone. These tests are instrumental in diagnosing infections, anemia, and organ dysfunction.

Urinalysis: Examining your pet's urine can reveal signs of kidney disease, urinary tract infections, and diabetes. The simple diagnostic test helps us detect issues early on, ensuring timely intervention. By analyzing the concentration, pH, and presence of certain substances in the urine, we can gain valuable information about your pet's kidney function and overall urinary tract health.

Heartworm Tests: Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal condition transmitted by mosquitoes. We offer reliable heartworm tests that detect the presence of these parasites in your pet's bloodstream. Early detection is key to effective treatment, ensuring your pet receives the necessary care before any complications occur.

Fecal Tests: Parasites such as hookworms or roundworms can wreak havoc on your pet's digestive system. We offer fecal tests that help identify the presence of intestinal parasites so your pet can receive the needed deworming medications. Regular fecal testing is essential for maintaining your pet's gastrointestinal health and preventing the spread of parasites.

Pancreatitis Tests: The pancreas plays an important role in digestion. When it becomes inflamed, a condition known as pancreatitis, it can lead to serious health concerns. Our in-house diagnostics include tests that measure pancreatic enzymes in the blood. Timely identification of pancreatitis is key to starting prompt treatment, reducing the risk of complications, and ensuring the best possible outcomes for your pet's health.

Glucose Curves: Monitoring blood glucose levels is especially important for pets with diabetes. Glucose curves involve tracking blood sugar levels over a period of time, typically 12 to 24 hours. The resulting curve helps us understand how your pet's blood sugar levels fluctuate throughout the day, allowing us to create a diabetes management plan and adjust insulin dosages as necessary to minimize the symptoms of diabetes and prevent complications.

Veterinary In-House Diagnostics Near Me in Forney, TX

At Treasured Pets Veterinary Hospital, we take pride in offering cutting-edge diagnostic tools to determine your pet's concerns swiftly, accurately, and in the least invasive way. Dr. Blaylock and our dedicated team are committed to providing our treasured patients with the highest quality care in a safe and nurturing environment.

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