Orthopedic Surgery

Forney, Texas

Veterinary orthopedic surgery offers a wide range of procedures to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal concerns in pets. At Treasured Pets Veterinary Hospital, we treat conditions related to the bones, joints, ligaments, and tendons to relieve pain and improve mobility. We always recommend the most conservative treatment to enhance your pet's health and quality of life.

Common Orthopedic Surgery Procedures

We offer a range of procedures to address your pet's unique needs. Here is a look at some of the orthopedic surgeries we offer:

Fracture Repair: If your pet has an accident involving a fractured bone, we are here to help. For simple fractures, we may use casts, splints, or specialized devices to promote healing. For more severe fractures, we may need to use pins, bone plates, or screws to stabilize the bone, allowing for proper healing and restoring function.

Hip Surgery: Femoral Head Ostectomy, or FHO, addresses a range of hip concerns, including hip dysplasia, chronic arthritis, or joint trauma. It involves removing the head and neck of the thigh bone, or femur, to prevent bone-on-bone contact. That helps relieve pain and restore joint function. If FHO is not an option, we may recommend a total hip replacement.

Patellar Wedge Resection: A dislocated kneecap (patella) is a painful condition that may require a surgical procedure known as patellar wedge resection. It involves repositioning the kneecap and stabilizing it. Our goal is to relieve your pet's discomfort and restore normal function.

Cranial Cruciate Ligament Repair: The cranial cruciate ligament helps stabilize the knee joint. A tear in the ligament can lead to pain, instability, or lameness. We may recommend surgery to repair or replace the affected ligament, alleviating your pet's discomfort and restoring stability and function.

Amputation: While considered a last resort, amputation is sometimes the only viable option to relieve pain and save an animal's life. It may be recommended to address irreparable damage due to trauma, infection, tumors, or other causes. Most animals adapt well to amputation, living active, fulfilling lives.

What Can You Expect?

We typically start with a thorough evaluation to diagnose your pet's concerns and to plan for treatment. This may include a thorough physical exam and diagnostic testing or imaging. Next is creating a personalized treatment plan to address your pet's needs.

Orthopedic surgeries are performed under general anesthesia, ensuring your pet is relaxed and pain-free during the procedure. We use the latest technology and techniques to provide the best possible treatment outcomes. The duration of the surgery will depend on the type and complexity of the procedure and your pet's unique needs.

Recovering After Surgery

We will provide you with post-operative care instructions and may recommend pain management options for a smooth recovery. You will need to care for the surgical site and restrict movement during the initial recovery period, as per directions.

Follow-up visits will allow us to monitor your pet's progress, adjust treatments, and ensure recovery is on track. We may recommend physical therapy and rehabilitation to help your pet regain strength and mobility.

Orthopedic Surgery Near Me in Forney, TX

Veterinary orthopedic surgery can relieve pain, restore mobility, and significantly improve your pet's quality of life. Our dedicated team at Treasured Pets Veterinary Hospital is committed to providing comprehensive care and a fully customized experience to ensure the best possible outcomes.

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